My 100 wishes

  • What do I want to do ?
  • What do I want to get?
  • what do I want to try?
  • what do I want to learn?
  • what do I want to change?
  1. Hold your first book.
  2. Sell its entire circulation of 1000 copies.
  3. I want to turn the other 9 fairy tales into a more concise and interesting product.
  4. Create and promote your group in social networks.
  5. Publish a series of fairy tales «House Meganom».
  6. Finish the story «Aaron. Lord Of Dreams».
  7. Write a script for the fairy-tale film «Spirit of the Forest».
  8. Shoot this film in the Carpathians in spring-summer 2017.
  9. Write 20 useful, high-quality and interesting articles for Goal-life.
  10. To trip out, man with my friend Dima in April 2017.
  11. Become a leading writer on the portal about Spirit Medicine.
  12. Draw a large fluorescent canvas.
  13. Visit the Boom festival.
  14. Visit the Ozora festival.
  15. Visit Boris Grebenshchikov's concert.
  16. Radiate light, kindness and love for all living beings.
  17. Draw 20 mandalas on a computer.
  18. Travel around South America.
  19. Visit lake Baikal.
  20. New MacBook Pro 13''.
  21. Find fame in your circle thanks to the book.
  22. Find a loved one and create a strong family with them.
  23. Buy a hippie bead with it, paint it and go on a trip.
  24. Travel around Crimea.
  25. Drive to Kinburn Spit.
  26. Visit our secret house in the Carpathians.
  27. See Lotsi.
  28. Car.
  29. Power Bank.
  30. 0.5 l cool beautiful thermos.
  31. Have a stable income of $ 600-700 per month.
  32. Get a project for building a new house.
  33. Build it.
  34. Build a domed house.
  35. Turn it into a house of Love-a place for meetings, parties, jams for friends.
  36. Start it functioning without my intervention.
  37. Plant a cedar.
  38. Plant your own garden.
  39. Get a white cat.
  40. Get a cool nickname.
  41. Get to Vipassana.
  42. Visit South Africa.
  43. Write a script for the film «Antiquarian».
  44. I want it to be taken down and released on big screens.
  45. Visit the Burning Man festival.
  46. Travel around the United States and especially California in a Dodge jeep.
  47. Figure out how to Express your infinite gratitude to your parents.
  48. Keep your friendly company and bond even more.
  49. Visit in Bali.
  50. Visit Sri Lanka.
  51. Visit lake Baikal.
  52. Wait for the release of my fairy tales at the INAYA festival in the summer of 2017 and make sure that I did it successfully.
  53. Write a few more commercials for radio Ufa.
  54. Reduce the tattoo on the right hand.
  55. Lighten the tattoo on your left hand.
  56. Spend less time on your computer and phone.
  57. Restore good vision.
  58. Masterfully playing the djembe.
  59. Make friends with a star.
  60. Give an interview.
  61. Get a real tambourine as a gift.
  62. Learn to drive a moped well.
  63. Learn to drive well.
  64. Learn to drive a motorcycle well.
  65. Masterly twist fire POI.
  66. Twist the fire stick.
  67. Master of dreams.
  68. Learn how to make drawings in vector.
  69. Get a good stretch and feel more comfortable and healthier.
  70. Learn how to give mom and dad good gifts for holidays and without.
  71. Learn to masterfully twist the hula Hoop.
  72. See a miracle with your own eyes.
  73. Hack the matrix.
  74. Learn to use the pineal gland and exit the body into the astral.
  75. Regularly meditate and stop internal dialogue.
  76. Resist the tricks of serotonin and dopamine and lead an active life.
  77. Be wise enough for people to ask me for advice.
  78. Get rid of the fear of losing loved ones.
  79. Participate in creating a mural.
  80. Be able to work under pressure.
  81. Cure dysplasia and gain full female health.
  82. Have a beautiful, toned, strong body.
  83. Have long hair, 20 cm longer than it is now.
  84. Be patient, don't be nervous about people's mistakes.
  85. Become very erudite and use your knowledge in time.
  86. Become consistent and don't give up what you started halfway.
  87. Make up with your ex-boyfriend and become friends with him.
  88. With the help of psychotherapy, finally get rid of the clamps in the stomach.
  89. Using psychotherapy to find the cause of excess weight and get rid of it.
  90. Promote psychedelics to the government and the masses.
  91. Create a portal for selling old things.
  92. Get rid of them and get a good income.
  93. Learn to write clearly, correctly and tasty.
  94. Get rid of mastopathy.
  95. Learn how to manage land and take care of the garden.
  96. Learn how to preserve food and make pickles.
  97. Maintain a high level of English.
  98. Learn to rhyme words and lines.
  99. Learn belly dancing.
  100. Enjoy every day, give thanks for life, broadcast the will of the universe.

Article - «100 wishes»