Public offer

  1. the offer is addressed to clients-legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
  2. Subject-online educational course.
  3. the Agreement is concluded from the moment of acceptance — full payment.
  4. Payment term.
    1. the Price and additional conditions for each course are provided in the Appendix to the offer.
    2. the Client pays for the course by Bank transfer using an electronic wallet, credit card, or other provided method.
    3. the Client pays a fee for processing the payment by the selected payment system.
  5. Refund conditions.
    1. the Client has the right to return the funds in full without explanation.
    2. If the client intends to return the funds – it is enough to inform them about it one at a time from administration contacts. You must provide your email address and details for the refund.
    3. When a refund is made, the client is charged a fee for processing the payment.
    4. The refund is possible within 14 days from the date of payment.
    5. The term for consideration of the request and return is 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the message.
  6. the Agreement is valid until all obligations are fully fulfilled.
  7. grants the right to use tools and texts only for yourself.
  8. does not grant the client or its employees any other rights to the course content.
  9. The contractor applies a simplified tax system.
  10. Email correspondence is legally significant.
  11. The terms of the offer and agreement are confidential.
  12. and the client may not assign rights under the agreement to anyone.
  13. Pre-trial settlement within 10 days is mandatory.
  14. Jurisdiction of unsettled disputes — Arbitration court of the city of Kiev.
  15. and clients do not sign acts.
  16. has the right to change the offer and the agreement.
  17. changes to the agreement take effect 5 days after publication.

Appendix to the offer

  1. Conditions for courses: "Map of Health", "Map of Work", "Map of Money", "Map of Communication", "Map of Self-Discovery".
    1. the Price of each course is up to 10 US dollars.
    2. the Final price is the one that the customer paid, taking into account possible promotions and discounts.
    3. Term of access to the course: 90 days from the date of payment. – the site is available at
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