100 of my wishes

  1. Own house on the lake.
  2. I want a dog of a friendly breed and a fluffy cat.
  3. Sea cruise in the Caribbean.
  4. Your own children's center for creativity and development.
  5. I want two children: a boy and a girl.
  6. Tie yourself an openwork dress.
  7. Wedding ceremony on the Caribbean coast.
  8. Circumnavigation of the World in .
  9. Learn how to write cool articles.
  10. Independent parachute jump.
  11. Studio recording and music video for your favorite song.
  12. Let go of the fear of jumping into the water from a height of 5-6 meters.
  13. Fluency in English.
  14. Fluency in Spanish.
  15. Write a portrait in pencil.
  16. Travel every year with a home to return to.
  17. Spend a weekend in the Atacama desert.
  18. Lotus birth in Bali, at the Robin lim clinic.
  19. Live on the Islands of Malaysia (Penang, Langkawi).
  20. Fly to Antigua for a month.
  21. Live on the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago.
  22. Change the name in the civil passport from "Olena" to "Elena".
  23. Arrange a new year for parents in a warm country.
  24. Help your brother find the meaning of life, motivation, and your own way.
  25. I want my own paraglider (complete set).
  26. Take a universal glider course in the mountains.
  27. See my grandmother in the Donetsk region (when everything gets better).
  28. Raise our children as Individuals.
  29. Go to the lake district of Chile for a weekend.
  30. Swim in the lakes of Patagonia (Chile).
  31. To see a performance of "Empire of angels" (Kharkiv contemporary theatre).
  32. Swim in the Dead sea.
  33. Bring my brother to a distant, new country for a month.
  34. Buy dad a new phone to communicate with him more often, call him on the Internet.
  35. Live in Bali for six months (social visa).
  36. Flight from Central America via the USA to Asia.
  37. Write articles for goal-life.com.
  38. Release a collection of poems.
  39. Become editor-in-chief goal-life.com.
  40. Work out the remaining childhood fears and resentments.
  41. Have friends of different nationalities, in different parts of the world.
  42. Visit Japan, and the beautiful island of Okinawa.
  43. Fly to Tokyo for a week.
  44. Go to the Park Shkaret (Mexico, Yucatan).
  45. Take a joint dance video with Katya Petrashkevich
  46. Fashion photo session with Carlo Pergom (Cancun).
  47. Cardigan and coat from Ukrainian designer NADEZHDINA.
  48. Fly to San Francisco for a week.
  49. Take 3-4 master classes from Vlad Yama in ballroom dancing (Kiev).
  50. Master class in hip-hop in new York.
  51. Sit on the twine: longitudinal and transverse.
  52. To learn how to do massage relax and MRSN (foot).
  53. See the Louvre in France.
  54. Paragliding in a mountain valley.
  55. Take 10 vocal classes with Irina Tsukanova (Kiev).
  56. Spend a month on the Islands of Thailand.
  57. Visit Antarctica with an expedition.
  58. To the Schengen area and tour Europe.
  59. Travel with Vitali to Baikal.
  60. Make a trip by car in Mexico: Merida, Uxmal, Palenque; Bacalar, Chetumal, San Francisco de Campeche; Cozumel.
  61. Scuba diving.
  62. Swimming with dolphins in the open sea (ocean) is a cherished dream!
  63. To go to Canada.
  64. Jump from the bridge on a rope, over the river, 16-20 meters.
  65. Holotropic breathwork with Tatiana Bogdan.
  66. The practice of "Totem animal" with Bogdan Tatyana.
  67. Learn choreography with supports, paired with a guy-choreographer (video).
  68. Weekend jeep tour through the Karelian forests.
  69. kayaking In Montenegro.
  70. Rafting tour in Karelia.
  71. Organize a charity auction of dates.
  72. Safari tour in Africa, Mozambique.
  73. Hiking in the mountains, a medium difficulty trekking talking video.
  74. Fly to Sochi, and go next to Abkhazia.
  75. Swim in the Pacific ocean.
  76. Go to Machu Picchu (Peru, Cuzco).
  77. Walk along the equator line in Ecuador.
  78. Kayaking on lake Bacalar (Mexico).
  79. Fly to Vietnam for 3-4 months.
  80. Go skiing in the Andes, and Austria.
  81. Fly to Costa Rica for a month.
  82. Walk in the snow on a sled with huskies in a team.
  83. Steam in the Russian bath.
  84. Spa treatments in the Turkish bath.
  85. Go through the Mayan Temazcal ritual.
  86. Swim with turtles in AKUMAL.
  87. To visit the island with the penguins.
  88. Fly to Easter island.
  89. Hiking on the mountain Vottovaara is the highest peak.
  90. See the Northern lights.
  91. Give people happiness, joy and love.
  92. Transform the remaining negations of the particles of your "I" into self-love.
  93. Treat those who are on the lower frequencies with understanding and love, and accept their position in life. Anyone who wants help will ask for it.
  94. To show more flexibility in the discussions of our wishes with Vitali. Offer something new when he is full! :)
  95. Sing the song "My rock and roll" in a duet with your favorite.
  96. Go to the Cirque Du Soleil performance in Mexico.
  97. Climb all the mountains (hills) in Santiago.
  98. Tracking to the El Monte glacier.
  99. Car tour of the mountains in Georgia.
  100. Swim in the waterfall.
  101. Read 20 books in a year.
  102. Enjoy life every minute, everywhere and always.
  103. Take a train ride through the mountains.
  104. Try paddeling.
  105. 4-hour boat trip in the open ocean.
  106. Go to the St. Petersburg amusement Park (roller coaster).
  107. Wintering in Goa, Arambol (again with children).
  108. To visit in the Philippines.
  109. Fly to Mauritius.

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