My list of 100 wishes December 2016

List sorted by power. Desires below the three points are discarded.

The priority of desire:

  1. Implement 10 points ↓.
  2. Implement the first exercises for Goal.
  3. Create a vision for implementing G for the client for 1 month.
  4. Income from GL 3000+$ per month.
  5. Become a father.
  6. Develop a new role as a father.
  7. Writing articles is easier and fun.
  8. Publish 30 more articles.
  9. Easy to understand the topic and write articles faster.
  10. Live happily in Chile.
  11. Exercises for finding personal meaning in life.
  12. Personal income $ 10,000+ / month.
  13. Be a happy father of a beautiful daughter.
  14. Be more energetic.
  15. it is Easy and happy to give birth to a child.
  16. Make at least 1-2 sales per day on GL 9 points ↓.
  17. Expand GL to 8000 unique / day.
  18. Come up with exercises to determine values, attitudes, and beliefs.
  19. Implement new effective GL exercises for defining values.
  20. Take a team of 1-3 cool authors, high quality and inexpensive 8 ↓.
  21. Publish 200 articles on GL.
  22. Learning to write is as easy as programming. Even at home.
  23. Live more harmoniously.
  24. Support Lenochka.
  25. Find a partner to play big tenis.
  26. Relax and take your time on GL 7 ↓.
  27. Be more pumped up 62 + kg.
  28. Become a successful and implemented entrepreneur in GL.
  29. project Revenue 21,000$+ / month.
  30. Become a dollar millionaire.
  31. take Your time.
  32. learn More about childbirth and fatherhood.
  33. Remove generic programs.
  34. publish articles on GL more often.
  35. Learn to walk on your hands 6 ↓.
  36. Live in the best apartments.
  37. Clean up your family and personal karma.
  38. Walking in the mountains.
  39. Don't be smart with Lena (be easier).
  40. learn more Effectively.
  41. choose short trips more often.
  42. Live happily in Bali.
  43. Speak Spanish.
  44. Find a way to quickly find friends in new countries.
  45. Push-UPS 200 times 5 ↓.
  46. Pull up on 1 hand.
  47. Learn to swim better.
  48. Run a marathon.
  49. Ride a bike for 100 km.
  50. Learn how to bend a spoon.
  51. Read faster.
  52. Set goal-1 for GL by Altshuller.
  53. Improve your energy body.
  54. Fill your life with pleasant things instead of useless ones.
  55. Watch movies in Spanish.
  56. Love traveling by car.
  57. Get married.
  58. Organize a good day.
  59. Learn to swim under water for more than 1.5 minutes 4 ↓.
  60. Learn to ride on the back wheel of a Bicycle.
  61. Draw 5 portraits. Close goal.
  62. Talk about the history and benefits of GL at conferences, podcasts.
  63. Travel.
  64. Learn to sing with the guitar.
  65. Relax. Take your time.
  66. Learn to sculpt from plasticine.
  67. Make a presentation at 3-5 conferences.
  68. Make a trip around the world.
  69. Learn to love drawing just like that 3 ↓.
  70. Chat with Oleg Tinkov, go skiing, drink coffee.

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