How to find out your purpose by date of birth

About numerology of purpose

Numerology is the belief that numbers carry information and influence a person. This is a system of views on the world and on the person in it, in which numbers rule us.

Branches of numerology: Pythagorean, Kabalistic, Vedic or generic shaman aunty Clara -for many centuries, and there is no scientific confirmation. Science is almost always a generation or two behind intuitive knowledge and discovery, but it is too long to remain unproven for millennia.

Pythagoras [1] – studied the relationship between the purpose of a person and the date of his birth. Pythagoras [1] – studied the relationship between the purpose of a person and the date of his birth.
Pythagoras [1] – studied the relationship between the purpose of a person and the date of his birth.

Numerology of purpose is not yet a science [2]. Numerologists are not scientists, but adherents and followers of this philosophical point of view on the fate of man. So, trust her to decide what your mission on earth is or not – it's up to you.

Recommendations are too high-flying, abstract, and with a million different variations and interpretations. The purpose of 7,300,000,000 people spread out in just 9 boxes. Because numerology only works with numbers: from 1 to 9. Don't wait for Specifics.

The purpose of a person in the understanding of numerology

My karmic purpose is to live and enjoy. My karmic purpose is to live and enjoy.
My karmic purpose is to live and enjoy.

A person is considered as a player for a very long distance, 50-100 lives. Planetary school: with karmic cargo, reincarnation, and homework to learn in order to move on.

  • I borrowed money in a previous life and didn't return it – it's time to give it back in this one.
  • You broke your lover's heart in the fifteenth century, and she'll break it for you in this one.
  • You complained about your bad luck in your past life, and in this one, you'll be praying that you don't get shot.

The purpose of a person is to develop, gain experience, pay off the debts of the past. Purpose ≠ the favourite thing ≠ professional calling. The purpose is an individual task, mission, meaning. For what purpose you decided to be born on earth, or so, just decided to smoke the sky.

Purpose is not a profession

How do I understand my purpose? – This is a personal task. How do I understand my purpose? – This is a personal task.
How do I understand my purpose? – This is a personal task.

If you read the interpretation of your purpose, you will understand that it depends entirely on the worldview of the writer. There is a joke: how many philosophers – so many philosophical points of view. Similarly, as many numerologists-so many opinions.

Numerologists will not give two identical descriptions of your purpose. If some aunt wrote an article/book, and her head under the word «creativity» appears soiled artist in a hat with a bell-then your task is to paint the Eiffel Tower in oil, wandering the streets.

Often, the purpose of a person is reduced simply to a profession in which you can be successful:

  • Born on the 7th - engineer or researcher;
  • born on the 19th - artist or poet;
  • and if the 10th-the janitor or plumber.

Even in the professional orientation tests, everything is clearer and more practical.

Numerology does not give a clear and unambiguous answer to the question «how to find your purpose?», but it shows the direction and ideas for thinking. I hope that the calculation of your date of birth will prompt you to think about your life from a new point of view.

Calculate your destination online

«The number of the life path» - most corresponds to the purpose of a person on the basis of Pythagorean numerology [1]. Write down the date of birth and sum up the numbers.

For example: 27 (day), 09 (month) and 1987 (year) – 2+7 + 0+9 + 1+9+8+7 = 4+3 = 7.

Numerology cuts a person into small numbers. Numerology cuts a person into small numbers.
Numerology cuts a person into small numbers.

Calculate the destination by your date of birth online:

Deciphering the purpose of a person

Interpretation of the book by E. Korovina [3] and by

The purpose is to implement extraordinary ideas, to lead people.

Image: the leader, the leader, the pioneer, but also a destroyer, the Iconoclast.

Motto: Who if not me?

Like all normal children, you wanted to «grow up quickly and become big», because then you will not need to «listen to your mother». However, this rejection of subordination, which in others «passes» even in the lower grades of high school, in your case, not only did not disappear, but also continued to grow with you. Your early leadership qualities have fully determined the validity of your desire for independence.

As a rule, the next stage is the formation of organizational skills, gradually strengthening their positions in any team, whether it is a student group, a work team or an informal youth Association. Satisfaction of personal ambitions, self-affirmation, the desire for a state of Affairs in which your opinion is decisive in any situation – the key motivations in this period of time.

As for the possibilities of the professional plan, while you are young, full of energy, ambitious hopes and new ideas, there is almost no area where you can not find a use for yourself. There are a lot of areas where courage, originality of thinking, the ability to take leadership and the willingness to take responsibility will not only be in demand, but also necessary. As a result-rapid career growth, tangible material well-being, confidence in the future.

Unfortunately, many people have a vague idea of what they want to be sure of and what this «tomorrow» should be. Seduced by the imagined significance of your «everyday victories», you suddenly realize at some point that your desire for leadership has led you to a link in the chain, a permanent place of residence on one of the rungs of the social ladder, where all the neighboring rungs are occupied by the same leaders. And you can't break out of this chain, and you can't get off the stairs. Because you are a «component part».

If the number of your life path is «One», you should always remember that you are a «soloist», and you can only experience real satisfaction when you do something yourself, and the end result depends only on you.

The purpose is to live among people and instruct them.

Image: the peacemaker, helper, counselor,  but also the gossip-jealous, schemer or the earpiece is sticking.

Motto: Contact? There is contact!

The number of the life path «Two». Your whole life is a search for generally acceptable solutions, compromises, and peaceful settlement of all conflicts that arise. Over time, you will realize that this seemingly deliberately passive position can actually be very, very active, if you learn to see situations where it will be appropriate.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the presence of a wise and balanced peacemaker in various life conflicts. The most titled of them is called the Secretary-General of The United Nations, but you don't have to aim that high right away. At any level, whether it is family conflict resolution, business mediation, or social activities related to protecting someone's interests-all these are areas where you can find yourself, be useful, even indispensable.

Your ability to correctly assess the situation, to sympathize with those who are adversely affected by it, to look for the smallest opportunity for a decent resolution of the situation will bring you well-deserved respect, and in most cases, even financial reward.

Just try not to let your generosity lead you into the role of a conciliator who tries to please everyone regardless of the principles of justice and common sense. This threatens to lose not only authority, but also your own face.

Its purpose is to raise the spirits of others, cheer them up, and make them laugh.

Image: enthusiast, lucky, spoiled by fortune, representative of the spoiled «Golden youth».

Motto: Smile, gentlemen!

An optimist and loves life, you will understand quite early that our world is over-populated with gloomy, harassed, complex people who need positive emotions like air. And, consequently, a cheerful disposition, wit and friendliness — the most popular currency, which can be used anywhere to buy affection, trust, admiration, even adoration.

This will be enough for you for a while, but only until you see that there is a much more valuable «product»-gratitude. However, you will also have to «pay» for it with something more substantial than banal jokes and encouraging looks. You will need your reserves-creativity, artistry, innate artistic taste. And then you will see a completely different level of perspective. You will understand that you can bring joy to life not only by «bringing to life» another individual neurotic, but also on a much broader scale.

This, perhaps, will play a decisive role in choosing a life path in his professional plan. You are free to choose among all existing areas of creative activity the one that you most like. Pour out on paper, on canvas, in music or dance, build palaces and temples, grow unprecedented flowers, create unique stage images – all this is organic for you and can bring incomparable pleasure.

Just never forget that your vocation is to give, not to take, to give, not to accumulate. Otherwise, one day you risk being surprised and disappointed to find that «behind the soul» you have one piece of junk-former glory, a couple of dozen forgotten friends and as many failed novels. And the most valuable thing – gratitude and love-you never got.

Purpose - business in the world of business, with a practical, technical bias.

Image:  practitioner, administrator, hope for the world.

Motto: It is always worth making an effort!

Your whole life is work. You have realized in your youth that no life's goods will be given to you without effort. Such as you will not see in the hall of slot machines or at the kiosk where lottery tickets are sold. You will not be trampling along the beach in the hope of catching a goldfish that will solve all your problems in one fell swoop.

You originally have divided their lives into stages. Actions at each stage are clearly defined, positive results are expected, and failure is absolutely unacceptable. In this case, you will simply find another way to achieve your goal. Your confidence in the correctness of your actions is all-conquering. Any external influences that can negatively affect the course of events planned by you are stopped «at the root».

The qualities listed above will make you a desirable employee in any organization with more than one employee. The fact that any deviation from the rules is completely unthinkable for you, for your employees will guarantee your reliability. You will be trusted. Thus, you can manage large material and human resources, distribute financial flows, and organize production processes at any level.

And since your actions at the first stage of life will be aimed at getting an education, acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, you will not have any difficulties in carrying out the tasks assigned to you. Just do not turn into a vain and petty bore, for whom compliance with the rules is more important than understanding and meaning. Stay correct in everything, maintain common sense in all circumstances, and then your opportunities are unlimited.

Purpose - movement, travel, fantasy.

Image: freedom-loving, adventurer, traveler, warrior, spy, man-a symbol of his era.

Motto: Risk is a noble cause!

To say that you are a leaf that the Wind of Change blows from side to side, without any concern about choosing a particular direction – would be, perhaps, too much. But the fact that the desire for change, constant updating is the main feature of your character-undoubtedly. The need to determine the right direction at the crossroads of life, which plunges others into a state of sad perplexity, for you – the moment of the highest happiness, because it is a symbol of the ability and right to exercise free choice.

As a result, your most developed qualities are independence, courage, resourcefulness and foresight. Of course, there will always be someone who will call your courage rashness, resourcefulness-resourcefulness, and the ability to anticipate the results of certain actions – simple luck. Therefore, if you want to work in a team, you will have to constantly prove the validity of your views and actions. But, as you know, dogs hate the wolf just because it is free, so you will have a hard time.

However, you will have the good sense to come to terms with the fact that a free person is by definition alone and not «cling» to a group. You can choose any type of activity, which will be enough for you alone. Lack of responsibility to the team will give you the opportunity to constantly try yourself in new qualities, never stopping at what you have achieved.

This is how you will be able to realize yourself as a person and, what is ultimately no less important, bring tangible benefits to others, proving by your own example That freedom is not just a word from a newspaper editorial, but a fundamental right of any person.

The purpose is to support people.

Image: mentor – one who cares for the humiliated and offended, instructs humanity on the right path.

Motto: We are of the same blood.

Even at a very young age, you looked with disapproval at the rash tricks of your peers and were the «coward» who at the last moment tries to dissuade your friends from carrying out risky ventures. The motivating factors in these cases were not timidity or indecision. You just wanted to protect them from danger and keep them from being punished. Your desire to take care of others was born with you and will always remain a basic principle of existence.

In the early stages of your life, your typical displays of reasonableness, the desire to patronize teach and advise, can lead to painful disappointments, in particular, of a personal nature. Youth is susceptible to manifestations of originality and even some recklessness in representatives of the opposite sex, and is extremely intolerant of all kinds of restrictions and encroachments on freedom of action. Therefore, you should be prepared for accusations of boredom, inertia and intolerance. Don't let it bother you – with the onset of adulthood, everyone wants to have a reasonable, caring and loyal person next to them. And the more your guardianship was neglected in your youth, the more it will be valued in the later stages of your life.

As for your professional activities, you should choose a type of work where your qualities as a «nanny» would be necessary, and your desire for sacrificial service would be understood and approved. The desired types of professions abound in the fields of medicine, pedagogy, religion, sociology, as well as service at any level.

You can be sure that as a result of the years you have lived, you will be an ornament of your chosen profession, a wonderful family man and a wise adviser, whose opinion will always be taken into account.

Purpose - to learn the world.

Image: seeker of truth, researcher, predictor, man-symbol.

Motto: to Know the unknowable.

«The ways of the Lord are inscrutable» - an aphorism not from your Charter. You are not one to bow your head in awe before the mysteries of existence. If there are questions, then they must be answered – this principle, according to your deep belief, is built all things. You build your own life on the same principle.

Your desire to get to the truth in any case, to reduce a difficult situation to a simple equality without «unknown» at first can play a bad joke with you. In particular, you will not immediately realize that in personal relationships, not everything is as clear as you imagined. As a result, serious disappointments are quite possible. In fact, everything is even easier than you thought, but understanding this will only come with age.

But in professional terms, no problems will arise. Moreover, your curiosity and meticulousness in studying the subject you are interested in will allow you to become an expert in any, even randomly selected field. The ability to correctly set a task and subject it to a comprehensive analysis opens up the widest prospects for you both in scientific activity and in practical work, in short, wherever clarity of thinking and perseverance in search of the optimal solution are required.

It is likely that by the time you reach adulthood, you will have time to decorate the walls of your office with diplomas from various scientific societies and certificates from patent offices, or, if you are a person more inclined to work with your hands, you will fill all the rooms at your disposal with invented «bicycles». In any case, you will have something to be proud of in your later years.

The purpose is to ensure the multiplication and distribution of money energy throughout the planet.

Image: the owner, the self-made man, the financier, the banker, the merchant, the entrepreneur.

Motto: Wealth is not a sin, you don't go to hell for it.

The life path of a voluntarist. The desire to rule, to have the right to make decisions and give orders that are not subject to discussion. And the burden of responsibility that is inseparable from this right, which will fall on your shoulders as soon as you get out of adolescence.

In the early stages of your life, your desire for independence and independence can lead to conflicts, and in some cases, a complete breakdown of relationships with loved ones. Very soon you will realize that the chosen path is the path of a loner, because using someone's help and support will mean losing the ability to rule autocratically. In order to avoid such a situation, you will need to strengthen your position with knowledge, arm yourself with the highest qualifications in the field that you choose for yourself. This will have a positive side effect – even those who are not directly subordinate to you, whose work is not related to yours, will need your advice and guidance. This way you can, if not make friends, at least increase the number of people who owe you something, respect your opinion, and therefore strengthen your influence.

The sphere of activity can be chosen arbitrarily, but once you make this choice, you will most likely not be able to turn away from your path, because any rejection of power, neglect of duties and responsibilities will inevitably be associated with the loss of everything you have achieved, with the loss of your own face.

Your marital status will be decent, perhaps even enviable, but hardly prosperous. Your rejection of equality, including in the family, will become the Foundation for a relationship in which there will be respect and reverence, but not love. However, you will not be burdened by this state of things.

The purpose is to create your own happiness, and at the same time turn the ordinary world into a world of beauty and harmony.

Image: a wanderer going to perfection, a gardener who has cultivated a beautiful rose Bush in the middle of the garden of harmony.

Motto: Keep on the edge! Fell-get up!

Receptivity, insight, and insight will be the light that accompanies you on your journey through life. Regardless of gender and age, you will always be someone's best friend, attorney, and personal Affairs «shoulder» that you want to lean on. This unique talent will manifest itself in early childhood, so by the time you come of age, you will have no doubt about what you should devote your life to. Your path will choose you.

That your purpose is to do good wherever there is a need for it is absolutely indisputable. Another question is what exactly you should make a «tool» for this purpose. Here you should trust your gut, remember what skill caused your delight, admiration, perhaps even envy. Not that a mistake in preferences can play a fatal role in your life, depriving the above-mentioned qualities. You just can't use them to their full extent, thereby depriving yourself of all the fullness of moral satisfaction. And this is important to you.

Your responsiveness and humanity will most likely find application in medicine and social work. However, if the creative principle prevails in you, nothing prevents you from trying yourself in any of the art forms, not forgetting, of course, that at the heart of all your activities should be a humanistic emphasis, a socially useful orientation.

Many of them did it well. Remember a favorite book or movie that made a strong impression on you. These are the fruits of the labors of people whose mental makeup is similar to yours in many ways. They have spoken. The queue is yours.

How to understand your purpose and mission on earth

All numbers have a common or direct hit with me.

How do I understand my purpose? — You need to follow your interest and be guided by your feelings. I like / don't like what is happening in life; I want / don't want to do what I do; I should / shouldn't do something in front of myself.

First, you need to find inner freedom – to let go of psychological clamps, to remove limiting beliefs and prejudices. Learn to act and think not stereotypically and consciously.

Numerology sees a gray ray in a person. Shine white - the entire spectrum. Numerology sees a gray ray in a person. Shine white - the entire spectrum.
Numerology sees a gray ray in a person. Shine white - the entire spectrum.

Then you need to find external freedom – not much depend on the source of income, from relatives, work, and other dependencies taken against their will.

Only with relative internal and external freedom can you begin to realize your purpose. Your trans personal mission will not be given out by Pythagoras, the sky will not open and the angel will not give you the «Technical task» of your incarnation. You must build it yourself, with freedom-it is possible. Without freedom, it will be the implementation of other people's tasks, most likely, parasitic on you.

Fitting of numbers of numerology for yourself

Review of numerology Review of numerology

Take turns to re-read the interpretation of each number and evaluate how similar it is to you. I will analyze the question «how to recognize yourself by date of birth» on my own example.

My number of Destiny Is 7. Calculated by date of birth, my purpose is to explore the world. The main feature is curiosity and the search for truth. In General, at the age of 31, I actively display these «talents» of fate.

I take another number – 1. The purpose is to be an organizer, to implement creative work.

I've been doing this for the last decade. All about me. Dharma in action.

The next number is 2. The purpose is to live and instruct.

Oh my God! Also similar to me. Assistant, adviser – why not? You do not need carousals to understand that every grandmother at the entrance has a purpose.

Numerology by date of birth divides a person. Numerology by date of birth divides a person.
Numerology by date of birth divides a person.

Numerology of the number – 3. Cheering, cheery.

Exactly me! I'm also an optimistic lifesaver. I was born on the wrong day.

Numerology – 4. Mission on earth-to conduct business with a technical bias.

100% from me wrote. I am qualified for both education and business.

Numerology – 5. Purpose-movement, travel, fantasy.

200% about me. For fun with children, I can invent the beginnings of Alice's world of wonders, then travel to the future, then invent some mythical animal-easily.

Numerology – 6. Purpose-to support and instruct people.

If I am already performing these roles by the age of thirty, the older I am, the wiser I will be to perform these roles and more willingly.

Man's mission on earth is to become whole. Man's mission on earth is to become whole.
Man's mission on earth is to become whole.

Numerology – 8. Purpose and mission – to turn a money on the ground.

I like to earn money and pay with it. I am an entrepreneur, my favorite activity is to manage finances in the morning.

Numerology – 9. Purpose-to create good and harmony.

Kindness is one of my most noticeable qualities, although it is hidden behind jokes.

All this means that I am a complete person. I implement a full range of roles, show different character traits. Not crippled or poisoned by the outside world. A living and active participant in the construction of their own destiny. Why learn your purpose if you can create it with your own hands?

Review of numerology by date of birth

I had a personal consultation, and on for $ 25, I bought access to advanced information: numerology, date of birth and name, motivation, profession, life periods – water diluted with water.

When you read it, it sounds very tempting, but it is not useful. For 5 years, I have been reading periodically, comparing it with what I have – almost no solutions, taking into account what I read there, have not been made. Except for one thing – write this review.

Information about the numerology of the purpose of life - water. Information about the numerology of the purpose of life - water.
Information about the numerology of the purpose of life - water.

If you carefully read the interpretations, not 1-2 articles, but 2-3 books, collecting lines with common sense. Make sure that there is everything about the character of a person, about inclinations, aspirations — such weighty features of a person that it is difficult not to see in yourself. Numerology does not reveal the secret of your birth, only hints at the obvious. And it is inherent in all people, though to varying degrees.

Self-analysis, self-observation, counseling with a psychologist, or even banal psychological tests — will give you an order of magnitude more information for reflection and analysis. And you can collect it for several years, observing yourself, and not just «calculate the purpose». So that you can get at least one useful idea out of it.

Set a goal for yourself, and use all your energy to realize it, rather than searching for an answer from above.

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