How to learn to draw with a pencil for beginners

How to learn to draw with a pencil from scratch in 50 hours. Step-by-step drawing with a simple pencil. How to learn to draw with a pencil from scratch in 50 hours. Step-by-step drawing with a simple pencil.
How to learn to draw with a pencil from scratch in 50 hours. Step-by-step drawing with a simple pencil.

If you are a beginner from scratch — a complete zero, like me, and want to learn how to draw with a pencil — read the chronicle of a lazy untalented artist. The last time I had to draw was at school. I drew like everyone else, average.

How you can draw with a pencil after 50 hours of practice, and how to learn it. I started drawing from scratch. I did not draw regularly, on average 15 minutes a day, for six months. And you can learn in a couple of months by drawing for 60 minutes a day!

Drawing is a copying skill

Drawing is a skill that is trained like driving a scooter. You didn't know how to drive, but you did. 50 hours spent with a driving instructor — and you are already driving. What is required for this talent? Slowly, carefully, but drive. So with drawing from scratch — there is no need for a special gift, you just need practice. Draw the pencil over the paper again and again.

To learn how to draw beautifully, it is important to learn how to redraw. Whatever monster you have in your head, if you can't copy it from your computer screen, you can't even transfer it from your imagination.

My scooter helmet in Bali. Acrylic is varnished.
My scooter helmet in Bali. Acrylic is varnished.

Drawing = copying. If you want to learn how to draw something simple for yourself, a month of practice is enough. Your task is to learn how to copy.

For a beautiful drawing - it will take more time. From scratch — 200 hours draw flat images. Then 500+ hours from nature, and the same amount of theory, color basics and sketches. And only then — imagination, talent, exhibitions, fame and other skills that will come with practice. 95% of the artist's talent is work.

How to start learning to draw

An artist friend of mine said that if you draw for 30 minutes every day, in 2 years (350 hours) you can learn to photograph anything. I believe it.

Mistake #1: to learn how to draw – you must be able to draw a straight line and a round circle. I read it on my head in a lame article. My lines are still crooked, and my circles are not round. So what? Look at my honest eye, not bad for crooked hands.

Look at the pupils – they are crooked! But that doesn't stop them from being so realistic.
Look at the pupils – they are crooked! But that doesn't stop them from being so realistic.

Mistake #2: Learning without a plan and goal. I tried to draw several times: I drew «not round circles», immediately took up the portrait — until I realized that it was not mine. Demoralization is assured. Faith in their crooked hands and lack of talent only grows stronger. Until I was 28, I believed that I didn't have «talent».

For a novice adult, the question «How to learn to draw?», it turns into «how to learn how to redraw?». And then there is — «what to redraw?». You need a step-by-step plan, a list of images for each day. If you are going to study — you should know what you are going to draw, so that you don't get hung up on choosing a suitable picture.

Tutorial «How to learn to draw with a pencil from scratch».
Tutorial «How to learn to draw with a pencil from scratch».

For a beginner, it is important to learn to draw in stages. Not just drawing Homer with a pencil today, but Mickey Mouse tomorrow. The complexity must increase. I looked for a plan in bookstores, picked out a book. Basically, there is an academic drawing: 10 pages of theory and 1 example. Instead of step-by-step illustrations, what to do and how to do, a mountain of text and recommendations – how to hold a pencil, which pencils to choose, which strokes are — sucks. I want to learn how to draw something simple and fun, and it's like I'm going to an art Academy.

And hooray, mark's book caught My eye: «You will be able to draw in 30 days», with a bunch of step-by-step examples, with a minimum of theory. This course is the most powerful thing I know if you want to learn how to draw with a pencil yourself. Without a drawing plan, chances are slim.

Learning to draw, why?

My «always wanted» to draw began to translate into drawings when I found «Why?». This is probably the most important thing you need to learn — to find your «Why?». I bought Mark's book and it sat on the shelf for a year. There was no «Why?» — there was «I Want to want to draw».

The Coffee method - how not to delay a task twice. Overcome obstacles.

For this site, I wrote an article about the «Coffee» method to illustrate it — I decided to draw it.

When I drew man, thought: «Wow, it worked». Afraid to spoil it, I finished drawing a Cup of coffee. Here and think: «Did I draw this so cool? Wow!».

Immediately appeared «Why?», to beautifully illustrate the articles.

I took the book from the shelf. I decided that I would learn how to draw on it, then I would post all the drawings and write an article «before → after». Actually, this is the article I'm talking about.

If you want to learn how to draw, spend a day, two days, or even a week searching for your «Why?». Draw anime, or graphics on the wall at home. To paint sunflowers for my mom. Sell a couple of paintings at a flea market. Illustrate your jokes. Paint your t-shirt or cup. Learn to teach your daughter how to draw. Define your option.

Step-by-step results from scratch

Everyone learns to draw at school, but learns «inability to draw». This is a mistake of teaching methods and teachers, not ours.

Next, 30 step-by-step tutorial lessons - Mark Kistler: «You can learn to draw in 30 days: a fun, easy way to learn to draw in a month or less».

I started drawing the next drawings in the belief that I was incompetent at drawing. But since I know that almost everything I know about myself is not true. I decided to double — check myself: I really have crooked hands or it was at school that I suffered so much.

Test pencil drawings - my from scratch.


The main element of the drawing. Draw the shadows and penumbra of the sphere.

The time specified is based on the textbook reading. The drawing itself takes half the time.


2 balls with shadow

Lesson 2

A row of pencil balls, like for Billiards

Balls – a variation of a pencil


Basic building bricks of any pattern.


Cubes. Gift

Cubes. in perspective

Box from nature

Modification of the cube

Open box



Quick sketch

Cube - advanced stage

Complex building

Draw the texture with a pencil

The texture of the ball


Lots of koalas

Flags and rose



Roses, flowers


Hollow cylinder

Many cylinders

Cylinders from nature. Tin

Draw cubes — advanced level



Complex house

house- advanced stage

Draw spheres — advanced level

From this stage, you are required to buy a shading-paper pencil. In previous lessons, I shaded with my finger, then with feathering #3.

All the magic of penumbra: volume, small shadows in the corners, when drawing eyes and portraits — thanks to shading. Your drawing ability will be multiplied by three! You will be surprised when you compare your results.

3 flowers

Tools for drawing with a pencil. Pencil. Feathering. Eraser. Arm.

Hollow tube


Flags, scrolls

A flag, dangling



Cylinders: volcano, Cup

A cup. Volcano

Draw a live tree


Room in the future

A room in front perspective with a pencil

Street in the future

Street in front perspective with a pencil

Draw in the Central perspective: the castle, the city

A complex figure in perspective

Complex the castle

The city in the perpective

The inscription in the future

Writing in pencil. in perspective

Learning to draw a portrait

Portrait of a person in pencil

Learning to draw a hand

Human / artist's hand with a pencil from nature

Exam: first portrait!

Drawing people is much more difficult than roses or anime. You can't distort your face – every mistake is immediately noticeable. You need to learn how to draw people when you feel confident that you will be able to draw a recognizable outline and sketch of a face.

Portraits can not be drawn quickly, requires diligence and care. This is my portrait of my wife:

How to learn to draw a portrait of a person with a pencil.

Portrait of a person – the original.

Learning to draw pictures from scratch

I drew eight paintings for a total of a day, half the time. I also practiced with a pencil for one day. Learn to draw to the same results, even if «hands grow out of your ass», you can for 50-150 hours. In terms of serials — this is 2-3 seasons of Doctor House.

The first acrylic painting by Vasi Lozhkin «I like you», I drew for 6 hours. I didn't know what acrylic was or how to handle it. The brush was also in my hands for the first time after school.

Knead the desired shade is not easy. I quit everything because I couldn't — I tried every half hour. We need someone to support us. I went to study in an art Studio and drew under the supervision of an artist. A year later, I took a couple of online drawing lessons from the same teacher.

Debut with acrylic paints.
Debut with acrylic paints.

I learned to draw with a pencil, and the skill was complex. I took a brush for the first time after school and drew it. Long 6 hours, crooked, but how great! Now I can make an extraordinary gift — draw a picture to a friend, bookmark in a notebook, caricature of work. I even did a little cartoon.

The first picture: pastel, acrylic, gouache and oil. All techniques from scratch, and hang on the wall — no shame.

I draw a cat with acrylic.
I draw a cat with acrylic.

How to learn how to draw correctly — algorithm

Learning to draw with a pencil is basic: take down corners, line sizes, and observe proportions. Just learn not to be afraid to draw. Master the initial level, and then only more fun and easier.

  1. From scratch - 50 hours, we learn to copy simple drawings with a pencil. You can color it.
  2. Create or find a drawing plan. From simple to complex. It is better to buy a step-by-step course.
  3. Find «Why?». Come up with a project, blog, comic, or cartoon.
  4. Draw every day, or every other day, or two — at the beginning, do not force yourself.
  5. Fix: draw with colors, try out techniques and styles.
  6. Go to the next level. Understand why you are learning to draw and who is warmer to live from your drawing. I recommend consulting the artist.

Than, Is studying to draw

  • Draw with a simple pencil.

    A fundamental drawing tool. Almost all illustrations, sketches, and paintings are drawn first with a pencil. Then it is rubbed down to barely visible lines, or draw the top with paints. Errors are easily corrected. #1 for beginners.

  • Draw with gel pens.

    A simple tool for drawing in color. The technique of drawing is similar to the technique of drawing with a pencil – after all, a pen, not a brush. You can only fix errors in Photoshop.

    Drawing with gel pens.
    Drawing with gel pens.

    I recommend drawing illustrations with a pencil, then erasing the lines and pointing them with pens; fill in empty spaces. Almost all articles on this site are prepared by this drawing technique.
  • Draw with markers. Analogs: markers and professional «copiers».

    More variety of colors than gel pens. The kit will cost less. After 1-2 years, the markers dry up and you need to buy a new set.

    Drawn with markers.
    Drawn with markers.

    Markers slightly impregnate the paper and it begins to go limp, because of this, I do not like to draw with them. You can hover 2-3 times and the line becomes more saturated, you can draw penumbra.

  • Draw with watercolors.

    Cheap materials, and is familiar with the school. They are diluted with water, so the new paint layer erodes the previous one. It is difficult to master how it will behave. From scratch, on your own, it's not easy to learn how to draw details. The advantage is availability.

  • Draw with gouache.

    Matte color, thicker than watercolor, is also diluted with water. Great for beginners: it is easier to correct inaccuracies than watercolors. A cheap material.

    Cartoon character. Gouache.
    Cartoon character. Gouache.

    Cartoon character. Gouache.

  • Draw with acrylic paints.

    The most affordable professional-grade material. Acrylic dries quickly, 5-15 minutes. They are easy to apply a second layer, fix flaws. If it is of high quality, it is resistant to water.

    Acrylic paint on canvas. You can also draw anything: a wall, stool, Cup, helmet, ashtray, t-shirt, photo frames. I recommend then opening the work with spray paint.

    The girl is made of clay and covered with acrylic.
    The girl is made of clay and covered with acrylic.

  • Draw pastels — dry and oil.

    The technique of drawing with pastels is unusual — you need to draw with crayons, rubbing them on paper.

    Pastel. How to learn to draw with pastels. The meadow and the mountains

    Pastel. How to learn to draw with pastels. Lozhkin. My dad is a pilot. Dnieper

    The technique of drawing with oil pastels is similar to drawing with pencils, but it has its own characteristics.

    I am learning to draw with oil pastels.
    I am learning to draw with oil pastels.

  • Draw with oil.

    Complex professional paints. Durable, but you can't buy cheap – they crack.

    It dries for a long time, about 2-10 days. This is a plus – you can always remove the layer, finish it, and blend it. But also a minus, you need to very carefully apply a layer on top, so as not to spoil what is there. I don't recommend using them for beginners.

    I drew a gift for my mother. Sunflowers with oil paints.
    I drew a gift for my mother. Sunflowers with oil paints.

You are able to learn how to draw with a pencil. Find «Why?», buy a textbook and copy it for fun. In a month, you will be surprised at your abilities.

Can I learn to draw as an adult?

Yes. Help kill the stereotype of the need for talent, share:, 1318697354

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