Setting goals for SMART – examples, criteria

«Naive optimism» distorts reality and twists expectations from the same reality to the maximum. Then frustration, broken dreams, apathy. This can be avoided by learning the method of setting SMART tasks.

How to set SMART goals

How to set SMART goals How to set SMART goals

The technique of SMART goals can be reduced to the first criterion — specificity. Personal life can be more or less viewed with a horizon of 1 year — then the vision of the future will be difficult. Use the SMART method for medium — and short-term goals.

For long-term goals, it is more appropriate to set not specific goals, but goals — directions of movement. Pure self-deception-to set long-term goals, and even more so, goals for life by the method of SMART.

SMART method helps to choose the formulation of the desired / planned result. This is just a form of recording your goals, not a method of achieving them.

Any, even the most advanced, technology in unskilled hands will not work. To set smart goals correctly, you need to gain experience and become smarter.

A proven Smart planning option: make lists of goals – plans for a year or 3 months — and work on them. At least once a week to check with the plan, and monitor the progress of their implementation. If there is no progress on the goals, they are too difficult. Reduce the complexity down to a microscopic task.

Benefits of SMART goal planning

«All my life I dreamed of becoming someone, of achieving something... I should have been more specific». «All my life I dreamed of becoming someone, of achieving something... I should have been more specific».

It is almost impossible for an employee to get out of financial slavery without SMART planning skills. Here we should understand the key ability in personal effectiveness — to transfer your fantasies into specific tasks and actions.

Setting a Smart goal gives us an understanding and the ability to predict the achievement of the goal. Through technology, our abstract «want» is transformed from a «desired» result to a «planned» result.

The task that the SMART planning system performs is to increase the probability of achieving the desired result.

SMART goal criteria – decoding by examples

SMART критерии цели – расшифровка на примерах SMART критерии цели – расшифровка на примерах

After Drucker, the method was packed in a memorable wrapper with the abbreviation S.M.A.R.T by five basic criteria. [1] [2]

Let's decipher all the criteria for setting personal goals.

Specific. The goal must be Specific

Specific. The SMART goal must be Specific Specific. The SMART goal must be Specific

We detail see the desired effect in our personal life, making it understandable and achievable for us. Instead of dreamy, General statements, you need to write down the specific consequences of the output.

According to SMART principle, goals should be with one specific result. If the goal is to «Become a family person», then it should be divided into sub-goals or small tasks.

Bad examples Setting SMART goals
Become financially independent. Provide for themselves and pay for rent.
Learn to speak Chinese. Watch series in the Chinese.
Travel. Spend a week abroad.
To become happier. To consult with a psychotherapist.
Find a family. Series of goals:
Start with Dating.
Make an offer.
Register marriage.
Have a baby.
Improve your fitness. Run every other day.

Measurable. The goal is Measurable

Measurable. The SMART goal is Measurable Measurable. The SMART goal is Measurable

SMART goal setting technology assumes that the Manager controls the progress of the goal. For this, it must be measurable. The numbers must be adequately matched so that they have a meaning (unit of measurement) as in the example.

Each criterion of the SMART method transforms and refines the goal. The same goals, with the criterion of measurably, will become more specific.

Bad examples Smart goals
Desire to become financially independent. The income of $1500 / month.
Excellent to speak Chinese. Pass the TOCFL at least C1.
Travel. The new year in Amsterdam.
To become absolutely happy person. Life balance wheel for 7-10 points.
Improve your fitness. Run 10 km less then hour.
Assist 10,000 people.
Unit of measurement — not specified.
«Is helps a cursory tip or an hour-long consultation?»
Objective: to produce a book with a circulation of 10,000.
Unit of measurement — sold book.

Achievable. The Goal Is Achievable

Achievable. The SMART Goal Is Achievable Achievable. The SMART Goal Is Achievable

The criterion of action ability means that the goal is already within your power or is in the growth zone. You have enough knowledge and skills to achieve it. Or it will take a little work on yourself to cope with it.

You can imagine step by step what you need to do, and every step you can do. It may be difficult for you to achieve it, but it does not frighten you. The goal may be doubtful, but it does not paralyze the will.

If the goal seems unattainable, it is better to set an intermediate, accessible goal. If the goal is set and you postpone it — you need to set the goal easier.

Anti-examples. Goal by SMART
Double income. Rise at work.
To do a presentation at the conference. Presentation at the courses of public speaking.
Sea tour. Trip to another city for a weekend.
A parachute jumps. Jump with a parachute in tandem.
Release blog. Writing interesting posts on Facebook.

Relevant. The Goal Is Relevant

Relevant. The Goal Is Relevant Relevant. The Goal Is Relevant

This criterion of the SMART goal method requires an analysis of the question — «Why do I want this?» Many goals lead to your original desire, and perhaps they are more interesting.

You can lead a healthy lifestyle in different ways: run, eat right, swim, play volleyball. You need to check what works best for you. Explore yourself: what it feels like to walk the different paths of a healthy life.

If the goal is complex, and you are not sure that you want to pursue it — I recommend setting an intermediate goal for the experiment. Go part of the way and see how it is — is there any further hunting striving for it?

The opposite example Setting smart goals
The hitchhiking trip for 1000 km. Hitchhiking to the next big city.
Learn to play the guitar. A month visit a vocal class.
Become a programmer. Understand whether you like working with code, or want to work as a programmer.
Daily morning runs. To try a dance/yoga/tennis.
Rollerblading (for the purpose of getting acquainted). Play Mafia.

Time-bound. The goal is for a Limited period

Time-bound. According to the SMART method, the goal must be time-bound Time-bound. According to the SMART method, the goal must be time-bound

In management, this is an important criterion for every goal. Other employees need to focus on the success of colleagues, and build their plans based on the actions of members of the organization.

In personal life, it is more convenient to set not single goals with a specified period, but to make an annual plan.

Negative example Smart goal setting
Re-reading 7 books on self-development in .
Drawing courses in .
Diving courses in .
Smart plan for :
Reading 7 books on self-development.
Drawing courses.
Freediving courses.
Buy a new laptop in .
See grandmother on .
Booking tickets to Thailand until .
Smart plan for :
Buy a laptop.
Visit to grandma's.
Reservation tickets to Thailand.
Reclamation meditate. Meditation for for a .

What should be SMART goal?

What should be SMART goal? Brain training with a barbell. What should be SMART goal? Brain training with a barbell.

Task for diligent. Mentally formulate a difficult but achievable goal for you on each point. Quickly check that it was to your liking and was measurable.
Term — 3 months.

Setting goals not using smart SMART goals in life: examples
Realization where the «problems» in life. Parse the whole into spheres of life.
Make up the balance wheel.
Implementation healthy lifestyle. How to change your diet for the better?
What kind of physical activity to introduce into the habit?
Disassembly out life on the shelves. Conduct a life audit.
To gather relevant facts.
Making life brighter. What exactly should I do to live the next month brighter than the current one?
Acquaintance soul mate. Where «she» can be and how to get to know her?
What to change in yourself to be interesting to yourself?
To become rich. What income should I have per month?
How to be where the money is?
What services should we provide to the world?
Improve your fitness. Whether to be athletic and pumped up?
Whether to be mobile and hardy?

The ability to set goals and objectives for yourself need to develop and regularly exercise. I and many others even develop a source of daily pleasure — efficiency, to fulfill their own obligations. [3]

Learn to set reasonable goals with Smart technique.

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