How to make a plan for the year. Life planning

Drawing up a personal life plan for self-development by example.

How to make a plan for the year How to make a plan for the year

What exactly is the essence of building plans

The point of making annual planning shows that each of us can live a happier year if we compare life without these actions. Thanks to this plan, we should very quickly be on the path to a happy life. To support our growth over ourselves. To expand our capabilities and grow a sense of themselves.

Why make a plan Why make a plan

Distribution for a year, able to structure our development and gives us a little push in the back when we stop. It should contain goals that are important for us to achieve. Beyond the value of being effective, the plan for the year serves this purpose.

And «keep goals in your head» is a slingshot that smoothly turns into a remote control from the TV.

The goal plan for the year is a long-range weapon. Baron Munchausen on the core, shot plan The goal plan for the year is a long-range weapon. Baron Munchausen on the core, shot plan

I have successfully planned my personal goals for the past five years. To convince you of the benefits of making a plan and not to clog the article, it is difficult for me to give not hundreds, but just one strong argument. I hear everyone wants to «travel and lie under a palm tree». Without a job, it's a boring fairy tale. So I work and live in palm countries 260 days a year.

The plan should expand our freedom, not confine us to old and imposed goals. If our life is tied down: the obligation to earn a living or work on other people's goals, it will be more far-sighted to make a plan to change your life.

Planning hour is 10 work days. [1] M. Seisembaev

Basic principles of life planning

At the first stage, we make a draft list of goals. It is convenient to start collecting goals from December and look closely at them. You can check them to match yourself if it's vocals-go to a trial session.

But even before you start making a plan, it is useful to adopt the principles so that the movement according to the plan is a joy:

  • The principle of a rocking chair: «No pain — no growth». Controlled stress makes us stronger. It is profitable to work hard this year, knowing that next year we will get additional opportunities.

    The principle of a rocking chair: No pain - no growth. Cat with dumbbell. No pain - no gain. The principle of a rocking chair: No pain - no growth. Cat with dumbbell. No pain - no gain.

  • Life is long. A goal achieved in pleasure in a month is better than gritting your teeth in 2 weeks. It should be taken at a steady pace, not a sprint. It is more effective to set «tempo» rather than difficult to comprehend.
  • Constant growth. Most of my life is filled with people, ideas, and work that wasn't even in my dreams 5 years ago. I dreamed at the beginning of the year, plowed, and by the end — I was surprised.
  • No extra effort. I am against infernal achievements, I am for habit and system. Running 5 km every day is easier than running a half-marathon every 4 days.

Sources of goals

the purpose in life is to find a purpose in life the purpose in life is to find a purpose in life

The main source of goals for the year is our personal meaning of life. If we have compiled it — it will be much easier for us in the future: to determine what is valuable for us in the year, and what to discard. Or we will start with the idea of what we want to achieve in 5 years. Here are abbreviated examples.

My draft version of the personal meaning of life: to understand «Who am I?» and where I am.
Goals for the year: read books on psychology, philosophy, and religion. Expand the «I» – unusual behavior, roles, habits, self-image, travel.

If we have defined our purpose, global goals, personal mission or values, we take them into account and plan goals that bring them closer or implement them. If the plan doesn't work for them, then either the plan is bullshit or global goals.

My purpose is: to help others achieve their goals.
Goals for the year: creating a vision and implementing the project

Global goal: to realize yourself as an entrepreneur in business. Diversifying.
Goals for the year: work on-site development, team building, learning to write, and edit articles.

Values: family, development, novelty, calmness, health.
Goals for the year: try the unknown, step to the next level, improve yourself in relationships.

Sources of goals for planning your life. Sources of goals for planning your life.
Sources of goals for planning your life.

The third spring for life planning – our wishlist:

  1. Dreams: learn to draw, sing.
  2. I have long wanted to repeat the pull-up on 1 hand, weigh 63 kg, bend a spoon, visit Chile.
  3. The vision of a perfect day 20.12.2025: a successful company, Spanish, sports, vocals, family, and children.
  4. List of 100 wishes: a bunch of goals for, family and future role in it.
  5. Wheel of life balance: all sectors are filled in at 9-10. I have been using it for a long time, I have already cleaned the main thing.

The fourth geyser – «don't want» reformulated into «want»:

I'm angry that I don't have enough energy ⟶ to Explore my energy.
Close old mini-goals ⟶ Prepare cheesecake. Crafts from napkins.

How to make a draft plan

How to make a draft plan How to make a draft plan

It is convenient to draft future plans in electronic format. On paper-a hassle, you will need to constantly edit the list of goals. I made more than 50 edits to the last plan.

For clarity, we divide the goals by spheres of life, as in the wheel of life. We write all the goals that come to mind for each source.

We take each source of goals, invent and write goals based on it, without much analysis. First, we'll just put everything together. There is a personal meaning to life – they wrote out goals to implement it. There is a purpose-discharged. Old dreams-discharged. We did the exercise 100 wishes – wrote out 10-15 of the most burning. Imagine yourself in 10 years, where and with whom – we write.

Make a plan for the year – write all the goals. Make a plan for the year – write all the goals.
Make a plan for the year – write all the goals.

I draft it in a week. I spend three more weeks editing, coordinating goals, and adjusting them to reality. I have all my goals and long-term plans written down in a notebook, more than 30 pages of different wishes and dreams. I leaf through it and write out what I would like to implement right now, and repeat it 4-5 times.

Within each sphere make up 3-4 goals. We leave only the most want-can-do, mentally imagine-how you will fulfill the goal, if you do not – cross out.

I recommend creating a backup plan: move all the goals that don't fit into the annual plan there. When you are done and there is nothing to do-the goals are already ready.

If you are making a plan for the first time, it is better to plan simpler goals and 2-3 goals at a time. If you want to run a marathon, set a goal to run 5 km. you will have time to Complicate the goal. Initially, everyone overestimates their abilities. If you close the plan in six months, make a plan for the rest of the year, with a happy feeling that everything you planned has worked out.

Future plans should take into account your experience. Future plans should take into account your experience.
Future plans should take into account your experience.

If you look at the draft and there is an anxiety «How can I do it all in time?» – lighten it, so that it is rich, but not frightening. The more experienced you are, the more you will plan in your own way.

Recommendations for setting goals for the year

Final plan Final plan

  • Check each goal using an individual goal setting algorithm.
    Read: how to set a SMART goal correctly.
  • Create goals that are independent of each other.

    Last year, I set as many as 3 dependent goals.
    1. Promote the site.
     ↳2. Earn money from it.
    3. Hire 4 people on the team.
    The first goal was not reached, and automatically dependent goals were not closed.

  • Distribute the load.

    Last year, I wrote difficult sports goals for me – all with a load on my hands.

    • Push-UPS 200 times.
    • An iron cross on rings.
    • Learn how to play tennis.
    • Learn to walk on your hands

    I only learned to play tennis. The rest are not fulfilled.

  • It is better to set and achieve a goal higher than your capabilities at this time, than mega cool and fail.

    Goal: push-UPS 200 times. My old record is 108, but it has reached 101 times. If I had set it 120 times, I would have reached it. I was afraid of the complexity-I put it off. And if it went, I would finish it up to 150-200 times.

  • Do not add new things to your plans for the future based on emotions, without checking your identity with your intentions and opportunities in the year.

    I came back from training three years ago. On a wave of delight, without thinking, I entered as many as 7 goals – all complex. I didn't even take a step on them.

How to make a final plan for life for a year

In the list, we place the spheres themselves so that the more popular ones are higher. Ideally, one aspect of life is to set the priority of the year in which we want to achieve a breakthrough. Usually, this is the area that most bothers us and spoils our life. It is desirable that the other goals work for the main area or at least do not interfere.

For me this year, the main thing is to move in the direction of «Career» – I move it up. I read books for project knowledge. In a rocking chair for energy. Experiments for articles. Everything, in general, is for happiness.

Sausage-the main thing Sausage-the main thing
Sausage-the main thing

For a beginner, the main goal of making a plan is to get planning experience, close it 100%, be deservedly happy for yourself and feel growth over circumstances.

The plan for the year should be flexible: there was no such thing that I did not add 15-20 goals. Leave room for a new 25%, this is every fourth goal. Usually, I keep some of my goals in a separate list, off the plan. When I change everything – I add them.

I write down my life plans in my notebook.
I write down my life plans in my notebook.

On the A4 sheet, I draw a map of goals.
On the A4 sheet, I draw a map of goals.

Results of planning for the year

We don't know what will happen in a year. We can be wrong about our desires. Example-planned to move to the city center, but went abroad. The plan didn't work out – we just changed.

We make a plan for the New Year. If it is implemented, we will be delighted. And the plan that has not been completed will remain in our heads – an unpleasant burden. Therefore, we are cunning.

We make a plan for the New Year We make a plan for the New Year

Plan for the beginning of the year-we accepts for 100%. 25% of free space is filled with new goals. We consider everything based on the original plan, and additional goals – as over-fulfillment of the plan.

The final plan for the debut of the year – 36 goals.
I will add another 14 goals over the course of the year. There are 50 goals in total.
5 goals-I will not achieve, but I will fulfill 45 goals.

If we counted mathematically correctly, we would get 45/50 = 90%. A year to plow, how much to do and get an underachievement. Not pleasant.

We consider it psychologically correct and divide the number of goals achieved by the number of goals at the start of the year. 45/36 = 125%. The plan is fulfilled, even exceeded. Another matter. Happy face. Rush. The urge to rush to the next plan.

As a result, I may not achieve as many as 14 goals, but the plan will be fulfilled. And I will be tempted to repeat the experience, to plan for the next year. In my head there is a tick «I coped, I'm good, I'm cool. What else is there? What mountains to turn? Bring them here».

Life planning-should take life into account. Life planning-should take life into account.
Life planning-should take life into account.

The plan for the year is something that helps us live interesting, and does not drive us into stress and «achievements», especially at any cost or some «hell week».

The plan is necessary so that we feel better, so that it fills us with the will to move forward, and not slow us down. In life, there will be an order of magnitude more than is written in the plan. Not planned meetings with friends, spiritual gatherings, some happy moments. But they will not be included in the plan. Remember that moving according to a plan is part of life, not the whole of life.

It is important not to make a plan correctly but to plan your life itself.


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