An ideal day is an exercise. Example and description of an ideal day

Perfect day - exercise Perfect day - exercise

Imagine that you are standing at a bus stop. An empty bus stops and the driver waves to you:

— «Get in, I'll give you a ride!»

You go in, make yourself comfortable. The bus starts moving.

— Where are you going? «What is it?» he asks.

— «I don't know. Somewhere».

The driver shrugs and takes you somewhere.

If you go somewhere, live somehow and do something — the result will be «some». Sometimes, through our own stupidity, we leave no chance for the world to fulfill our, even simple, desires. We doom ourselves to failure.

The reason is that the direction of movement is not set or is set incorrectly. The exact direction of «where» is a loud signal to the consciousness of how to achieve your goals and live an interesting life.

In order for happiness to stop being «portioned» and turn into a permanent state, you need to regularly remind the mind of your desires and goals.

There are many proven methods and exercises for this: setting short-term goals, planning for the year, making a list of 100 wishes, and describing the perfect day.

Description of the exercise «My perfect day»

Description of the exercise «My perfect day» Description of the exercise «My perfect day»

My perfect day is a description of the best day in 10 years. The method allows you to see exactly how we would like to live. Where, with whom, and under what conditions. Ambition in this case plays for us, not against us.

The desired circumstances often run counter to the current state of Affairs, so it is worth writing them out on paper to see the difference. If you want to find out what you need to change to become happier, more successful, and more consistent - think about your ideal day.

The advantage of the «perfect day» method is that it connects the key areas of life together: health, relationships, money, leisure, travel, pleasure, spiritual development and self-realization. There aren't many techniques that work on this at the same time.

The exercise of recording your ideal day is valuable material for future planning. By creating a mental image of the world in which we would like to live, we activate our enthusiasm, creativity, and, paradoxically, we feel free.

With its help, unexpected sides of our nature open up and it becomes clear that the path from «today's self» to «ideal self» is within our reach. Our scenario for a future prosperous life is in our hands.

Recommendations for creating an ideal day

Exercise «My perfect day» is an easy process, similar to a game. This is writing in pampering mode. Just as children love to describe their worlds colorfully, believing in their authenticity — so we let go of conventions and open our hearts. The difference is that the child's worlds are fantastic, while the adult's are real.

Draft of the perfect day Draft of the perfect day

Set up to write down the draft version of the perfect day, not the final version. Describe the first time as it turns out — a draft version is better than none.

In this exercise, «perfect» does not mean «unattainable». Perfect = meets the requirements. This is a description of a weekday, not a birthday, not a wedding, not a Valentine's Day. This is a normal day, in which everything happens as only you want.

Exercise my perfect day Exercise my perfect day

Use any convenient style of presentation from journalistic to artistic:

  • «Rise at 9 am. Breakfast: espresso, toast and omelet. Hot shower, work call. I put on a suit, leave the house, get in the car, go to a meeting. 11:00»
  • «The sun gently makes its way through the tent's awning. The coniferous forest is noisy and birds are singing overhead. I stretch sweetly, turn over, spin. Then I unbutton my sleeping bag, slowly open the tent, look out and smile at the world. I'm in the most magical place on earth. I am surrounded by mountains and green lawns. Finally, I'm traveling, my dreams come true. With these thoughts, I crawl out of the tent and head for the spring».

Trust your feelings. Ask yourself «How do I feel?», when you write a text. If you want to play with the dog — write. It may not apply to the big goals of life, but it makes you happier.

This helps to relax, relieve stress and save energy for important things. Describe the dog's breed, age, and name. After all, getting a dog is also a goal.

Read the questions and suggestions if you stopped and don't know what to write next.

Exercise my perfect day Exercise my perfect day

Questions and suggestions

  • Where  I Wake up?
  • What am I doing?
  • How do I look?
  • What do I feel?
  • What am I thinking?
  • Who next to me?
  • What is our relationship?
  • What words do I want to hear?
  • What do I want to visit?
  • Who do I want to visit?
  • What qualities do I have?
  • What are the sensations in the body?
  • What do I eat?
  • What am I wearing?
  • Where am I?
  • What do I see?
  • What does my house look like?
  • What objects are around?
  • What's going on around you?
  • What is the weather like now?
  • What time of year is it?
  • What smells surround me?
  • Do I think about tomorrow?
  • Where do I fall asleep?

Keep in mind that there are 24 hours in a day, and don't try to fit a whole week's work into one day. However, if by logic 2-3 hours remain free or Vice versa, 2-3 hours will not be enough — it is not terrible.

For example, you described a busy day, including working out, working out, and meeting friends. When you get home, you will immediately want to sleep. But if you need to read 30 more pages of the book before going to bed on an ideal day, write about it.


«I also completed the exercise. It took 1-1. 5 hours. The question «What will I be like in 10 years?», baffled me, so I left aside the reference to time. My perfect day can happen in a week, a year, or even 10 years.

Performing the technique made me smile: it's amazing how such a childish and pleasant activity can set you on the right wave.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Don't imagine the unreal. «I throw dumplings in my mouth with my mind» or «a Private African-American pilot in white gloves opens the door of his own helicopter for me» do not need to write. The perfect day should be desirable, not mocking.

Before you start recording, it may be difficult to imagine yourself after 10 years. In this case, remember the existing problems. Now imagine that you have solved them. Describe yourself without them. Even if it seems that the issue is not

For example, poor vision. It is difficult to imagine that it has returned. But with training or surgery, vision can be corrected. Write: I open my eyes and see the world clearly, without glasses or contact lenses.

What to do after completing the exercise

What to do after completing the exercise What to do after completing the exercise
What to do after completing the exercise

Save the text. Ideally, have a planning notebook in which to perform the exercises. But if there is no such thing, just put the sheets in a safe place to return to them in a year, two, 10 years. Or make a photocopy in the online storage.

Re-read what you've written. Ask yourself how much you need to change today in order for the perfect day to come.

Pay great attention to the people around you now. If there is no place for them in your ideal day, if you have not thought about them once - end your relationship with them today or write them in.

Similarly, if you are doing a job that is not mentioned in the perfect day, change jobs.


I put off writing the day for a long time. I haven't decided to write a draft yet. So he remained. But this is better than the ideal non-existent option.

The description of the day has become an important source of goals for me when drawing up a plan for the year.

My perfect day:

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

Sheet 4

The «my perfect day» exercise doesn't solve problems for us. But it gives a direction where to go to correct them. Shows what needs to be changed in a non-ideal day to make it perfect.

optimism optimism

By putting our ideas on paper, we get a story about ourselves in the future. We program the future. This technique will save the results in the subconscious and when performing even small household tasks, we will ask ourselves «does this bring me Closer to the ideal day?». If not, we shorten this case or fit it into the picture of the future. Your daily routine will gradually get closer to what you want and get rid of excess.


In my ideal day, I Wake up at 8 am. In reality, this rarely happens. However, the exercise helped me set my priorities and start setting my alarm in the evening. So far, at 9 am, but everything is ahead. Now my conscience just doesn't allow me to get up at 11, even if I went to bed late. I subconsciously feel that this takes me away from big goals, it takes time and brings down the daily routine.

Compare your current day with the desired one. Check every established business, new habit with the question «do I Want to see this in my ideal day?». Use this filter to filter out what you don't need.

Remember - a perfect day is achievable if you see it. If not, it will be another normal day.

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