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When our boss or mom decides when to go to bed and how much we Wake up, how many hours a day to work, and when to go to the toilet — so the balance will never be. So we just fill the day with other people's goals. We live by other people's values and try to satisfy not our desires, but other people's expectations. It's called survival.

Balance in life is possible only when you manage your present and future, personally control your time. When you decide directly what to pay attention to, then you just bring your life to balance.

Life balance is an interesting, active life by your rules, not a comfortable survival. To live an exciting life, you need to develop, search, learn and try new things. Every day to be carried away in at least one or two activities that bring you joy and pleasant emotions. For me, a reliable source of joy is meaningful work.

It is necessary to make a decision — to gradually regain control of their fate. Learn to ride independently without external help on the wheel of the spheres of your life.

The darkness of people do not control their time, so they have closed the way to balance. When they finally decide to take responsibility for their present and future, for their past decisions — then they will open the road to a happy and successful life.

Assessment tool «Wheel of Life Balance»

To achieve balance in life you need to put in order all sectors of your life. To assess the state of the most important parts of your life — use this exercise.

The wheel of life is a technique for analyzing and planning life. [1]

The printed picture-pattern, or calculated «wheel» online. The circle is divided into 8 sections, like pizza. Each sector is one sphere of life. You can choose your own, or those described above.

Evaluate the current state of each sphere from 1 to 10 points (1 – horror, 10 – everything is fine). 1 – inside the circle, 10 – on the outer circle. As a result, you get the wheel of life balance of your life.

  • The wheel of life balance is an example. The method of achieving a life balance
    The Wheel of Life Balance is an example.

The sphere of life that scored a few points is the main source of dissatisfaction in life. Improving it – improve the overall feeling of well-being.

It will be much more effective if you do this exercise two or three times a month to see progress.

«Wheel of Life» online interactive

Categories of the wheel of life

Sphere wheel of life balance: Health & fitness

To understand how to do life balancing, consider satisfaction by spheres.

  • Health & fitness

    A person who does not have excellent health and energy is a vegetable. Exercise regularly, eat well and sleep well is a must.

  • Sphere wheel of life balance: Personal relationships, family, children Personal relationships, family, children

    Family or relationship with a loved one. Relationships with the closest. It is difficult to live happily when there is no love.

  • Sphere wheel of life balance: Personal growth Personal growth

    Develop yourself as a person: mind, skills, knowledge, habits, character, reading books, learning languages and new.

  • Sphere wheel of life balance: Career, business, finance Career, business, finance

    First of all, it is financial prosperity, if it is not, it is difficult to talk about the balance of life. If the money is all right – it is worth thinking about self-realization and purpose, persistently go to the big goal.

  • Sphere wheel of life balance: Environment and friends Environment and friends

    Our environment forms us — a person is equal to the arithmetic mean of his friends.
    The formula for the beginning of the formation of his circle: ⅓ friends below you, your level ⅓, ⅓ above.

  • Sphere wheel of life balance: Rest, pleasant experience, brightness of life Rest, pleasant experience, brightness of life

    It is necessary to have a rest certainly qualitatively, as well as to work. Travel, new experiences, entertainment – all this gives energy and roundness to the circle of life.

  • Sphere wheel of life balance: Creativity and Hobbies Creativity and Hobbies

    Quite often, brilliant ideas and breakthrough discoveries are located at the intersection of two areas.
    Develop in what you love very much, at the same time, do not forget to regularly try something new for yourself.
    For example, I love to climb into the new. Dancing tap dance, where I was full zero.

  • Sphere wheel of life balance: Spirituality Spirituality

    Each person is set to perceive this part of life on his own level. The search for something greater than the man himself: the meaning of life, God, idea, purpose, principle. Detailed knowledge and study of religion, philosophy. An often ignored area of the quiz the wheel of life.

    The spiritual is all that can stand against all that is social, bodily, and even psychic in man. [2] V. Frankl

Dangers of misinterpretation

The wheel of life is just an exercise, quiz.
The power is in the visibility when compared to the physical wheel, but the same comparison is misleading.

No need to deceive yourself:

  1. The wheel of expectation is a more definite and precise name for this technique.

    • Wheel of life: wheel of expectations is a more accurate name for this technique

    Some feel disappointed when they see their crooked wheel and think: — «unfortunately, this wheel will not go far!» The name «wheel of life» implies that on this wheel you are rolling through life, that this is your life.

    But this is far from the case. When you fill the wheel with life balance, you take it for an ideal — how do you think your life should look, not what it is.

    Be sure to remove all expectations and idealization of your life, and your wheel to turn into a perfectly flat — it is on it that you roll.

    Our life is already great. We are so well accustomed to the good that we do not even think about the fact that it is all necessary to appreciate. And often we pay attention to what we do not have.

  2. The trap of idealizing the wheel. The word «wheel» automatically and imperceptibly attributes the properties of the physical wheel to the flow of our life.

    • The wheel of life – the trap of idealization of the wheel

    The brain draws instead of the «wheel of life» the image of a car wheel-perfectly round, smooth, full of air. That's all she wrote. This image immediately idealizes your life.

    Even despite the fact that all spheres will be 8-10 points, it is still not perfect, and annoying. We draw it as a «flat tire of the car» — agree that this even from the garage does not leave, not to mention the acceleration of more than 80 miles / h.

  3. Trap in comparison with a conventional wheel – one mistakenly transferred the property of the physical wheel.

    • The wheel of life – trap compared to the spokes of the wheel

    Depict the «wheel of life», dividing the circle into flat sectors. And at this point, the illusion is created that all sectors are equally important. And most importantly, it seems that all areas – occupy the same value in life.

    «Job» occupies a specific sector, and «creativity» occupies a similar sector. If you work 8 hours a day and work to do too, for 8 hours or what?

    Unfortunately, we are not aware of this error, but the subconscious saw sectors – equivalent.
    This kind of equality spheres of life has plagued man. And everything is very simple, it is necessary to catch this moment in time, and not to languish.

  4. Confusing wheel size.

    • Error the size of the wheel of life

    This method offers to put estimates from 1 to 10 points. In the case when you are very dissatisfied with the state of your health and put 1 ball (for example, the back suddenly picked up in 23 years). That a «life balance wheel» will show that you have only 10% health. However, it is worth considering that this assessment is true for 85-year-old man, but not here.

    The method does not take into account the scale of your life. And when you put all estimates on 3-5 points, it is easy to fall into the illusion that your life is insignificant.

    The most correct would be if you put from 91 to 100 points. Thus, it will be seen that life is beautiful and excellent, there is everything to enjoy it today and now. And to feel 100 — can be a little at first.

  5. The wheel of life at the moment.

    • The wheel of life at the moment

    Today, in the process of filling the wheel with life balance, you are not happy that for the past year there is no increase in work – put mark 3. And when a week later you suddenly promoted, you can safely put a well – deserved ten. Great breakthrough — 7 points for the week!

    Do not forget that the test program does not show the dynamics, it must be taken into account.

  6. The wheel of an ideal life.

    • The wheel of achieving the ideal life. 75%

    In the process of compiling the wheel of life balance, you can put your «expectations» of life and not pleasantly upset. For positive people who have repeatedly worked with this test, and more than once reached all areas up to 10 points, this method is transformed into a «Wheel of approaching the ideal life». Example — to a perfect day.

    In fact, people are clearly aware that life is very beautiful, and they love to develop, set new goals and achieve them. In this case, scores from 1 to 10 will reflect their approach to the goals in all areas.

    An important difference is the fact that a person feels already in the top ten! But wants so much more, so can supply figure six, where a long would be worth it to put 16.

    People could have personal experience to see all these dangers of interpretation of wheel size. They are clearly aware that the circle has grown long ago, but his demands have grown with him. Actually to it and it is necessary to come.

How to work with the wheel

Bringing life into balance, prioritization is the main step to a happy, controlled life. You cannot improve those aspects of your own life by which you do not remove the official and conscious attention.

As a rule, life is able to warp due to the fact that every day we personally tilt it to the weak side. We try to strengthen the already strong sides or pay excessive attention to things that do not bring satisfaction and growth.

The main purpose of the exercise is to specifically highlight in your mind the priority aspects of life for study. It is necessary to take into account the fact that in order to organize your life, you need to start with one area in your circle of life. If you learn to truly increase your satisfaction in one part of your life, you will simply transfer the positive experience to the remaining areas.

  • Life balance wheel – helps to realize the priority area of life.
    Wheel balance life – helps to prioritize.

The next step after the priority area has been allocated is to realize and understand what exactly does not satisfy you. Then make a plan and set goals to get things in order.

On the most important questions «How it is necessary to work with it?», «How to learn to achieve harmony of life?», the answer is one: you need to stubbornly approach the management of your life every day.

Useful materials

Download free test templates:


Life is not just one sector

What is the balance of life is complete satisfaction with life as it is. It is able to be diverse, it is not necessary to reduce it to smooth and beautiful sectors.

There is no sense in the pursuit to give each area an equal amount of time. You need to take just enough to not be bothered about this region, and ideally happy and bring positive emotions. Even if you have no intention of improving it because there are better things to do.

Often there is one main area of the wheel of life, the man is usually a career and money, the woman is a family, and everything else revolves and is stuck around this basic sector.

  • The balance wheel of life is a perfect circle, perfect sectors – only in an ideal world
    Life looks like this picture.

Life balance is when you are completely satisfied with all areas of life and their dynamics.
Satisfied – means that you are satisfied with the current situation and the pace of its development. If you are upset by the current situation, but notice that things are moving up — it is better to calm down and enjoy the rise.

But most importantly, try to balance the wheel of life, not forgetting that the perfect circle, the perfect sector – only in an ideal world.


  1. Paul J. Mayers is the one who invented the practice of «coaching wheel»
  2. Viktor Frankl – «Man in search of meaning» page. 60

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