100 goals of a person in life. One hundred set goals - list

How to attract wealth, positive emotions and read 300 books

As a rule, if the goals are written in 100 specifically set, and not just thinking about them, they can come true. This is True.

Also, there is an opinion that if you do not wash your hair, it tends to become greasy.

How to attract wealth, positive emotions and read 300 books How to attract wealth, positive emotions and read 300 books

You need to sit and visualize, watch motivational movies. And, before you know it, you will become famous and independent-the main clumsy in the house. You'll annoy everyone at home.

Such a person will be independent even from the obligation to take out garbage, earn money and clean houses. Freedom and financial independence. Freedom to choose what to complain about: the state, Jews, or unwashed hair.

The only goal that is achieved without difficulty is degradation.

In all other cases, you need to plow.

Life with and without goals

Life with and without goals Life with and without goals

No amount of fake Harvard researches on 3% successful graduates will convince you to maintain the habit of living with goals. The reliability of research does not compare with personal experience.

With a certain goal, a person becomes not only more productive, but also feels better: as if they are managing their life. Feels the progress, each time crossing out the sub-goal, and the pleasure of realizing the work done. Growing self-confidence and self-esteem is useful they it is low.

The best way to test all these claims is to conduct an experiment in your life. Make a list of goals for , and live by it. If you have not had such an experience – this is a great way to learn new things about yourself, to experience a purposeful life. If you do not feel the benefits of such a life – go back to the old.

List of 100 goals for the year

List of 100 goals for the year List of 100 goals for the year

This list will help those who want to try to live with goals. The example shows medium-term goals: for a year, for a maximum of 3 years. Read and choose your goals. Make sure to write down your list of goals in a separate Notepad. Make a plan for the year, or at least for the summer.

It is absolutely not necessary to take on 100 goals set for yourself at once. It is enough to start from 10-20. You can choose easier goals if your planning skills are not well-developed. Divide your goals into simple achievable steps.

Health and sports

Health and sports Health and sports

  1. Our online course. You need to make a fact-map of your health.
  2. During the year, take a course of 10 types of Massages.
  3. Within a month to practice free writing.
  4. The goal is to listen to lectures on psychology by Eva Poplavskaya.
  5. Visit the holotropic therapy.
  6. The goal is to practice a new sport for a month: martial arts, tennis, fencing, rowing.
  7. Learn to shoot a bow / crossbow / rifle.
  8. Run a half-marathon.
  9. Consultation with a psychologist.
  10. Ride 50 km by bike in a day.
  11. Two months to learn how to dance: hip hop, step, salsa, con temp.
  12. For women: allocate a clear time for yourself-a trip to the salon, sauna, to the stylist.
  13. For the man: to break a personal record – more pull-UPS / push-UPS from the chest / run further.

Financial, work-related

Financial, work-related Financial, work-related

  1. Keeping expense records during the quarter.
  2. Buy five books to improve your professional skills.
  3. The goal is to increase revenue by 20-50%.
  4. Complete a course of study in the specialty.
  5. Take part in a professional conference.
  6. Study 5 lectures on marketing: Ilya Balakhnin.
  7. View 10 an interview with «Business Secrets» or «Business arena».
  8. To improve the skills of time management: to introduce the practice of the Time drive or GTD.
  9. Try 1-2 directions for future specialization in them.
  10. Master the basic level of a related specialty.
  11. Increase your area of responsibility at work.
  12. Buy yourself a «toy» that you wanted as a child.

Friends and the environment

Friends and the environment Friends and the environment

  1. Organize an overnight camping trip with friends.
  2. Make a new acquaintance at the conversation club.
  3. Play 5 times in the mafia.
  4. The goal is to give a gift to a friend.
  5. Buy a Board game and play 3 times: train Ticket / Colonizers / Carcassonne.
  6. For women: give a friend a ticket to the paintball/airsoft.
  7. For men: give flowers to a woman, (the favorite does not count).
  8. Send your friend a video birthday greeting.
  9. Give a t-shirt with a cool print that is associated with the character of a friend.
  10. Master the ability to actively listen.
  11. Go camping with an unfamiliar group.
  12. Manage a boat / sailing yacht with friends.
  13. Try extreme sports with your best friend.

Family, children, personal relationships

Family, children, personal relationships Family, children, personal relationships

  1. Arrange a romantic dinner in nature.
  2. Gift a ticket for a joint activity / master class.
  3. Listen to lectures on relations by Ruslan Narushevich.
  4. Three weeks of mom and dad's forgiveness meditations.
  5. Within a month, develop the habit: count to 10; breathe deeply; listen carefully.
  6. Catch moments when you don't respect your partner.
  7. Three new experiments in sex.
  8. To study the 2 volumes on child development.
  9. Find a mini-hobby that is interesting for both you and your child.
  10. Sex outside the home.
  11. Find out and re-read the child's age-related tasks.
  12. Make a family arrangement according to Hellinger on an exciting question.

The Brightness of life, impressions

Brightness of life, impressions Brightness of life, impressions

  1. Take part in a master class.
  2. Increase your average score by 2 points in the wheel of life.
  3. Visit a large music festival.
  4. The goal is to drink coffee in the best coffee shop in the neighboring city.
  5. Learn to do somersaults on a trampoline.
  6. Go to the theater for an unusual production.
  7. Visit 3 exhibitions / art galleries.
  8. Spend the night in another country.
  9. New sensations: don't drink in the company of drinkers / drink in the company of teetotalers.
  10. The goal is to drink tea with live music in the restaurant.
  11. Eat 3 dishes that are unusual for you.

Personal growth, intelligence, skills

Personal growth, intelligence, skills Personal growth, intelligence, skills

  1. Go to a conversation club.
  2. Increase the level of knowledge of a foreign language.
  3. Read 12 non-fiction books throughout the year.
  4. Plan a month and live according to plan.
  5. Run timekeeping for the last 3 days.
  6. Read the story in English: adapted or original.
  7. Listen to 5 lectures about the brain of Tatyana Chernihiv.
  8. Master the basic course of the Glaverd.
  9. Write an article on any topic from 7000 characters.
  10. Go to public speaking or theater courses.
  11. Analyze the books «Black Swan» or «Thinking fast and slow».
  12. Learn to program: write a simple program.
  13. View the original season of «Star Trek».
  14. Don't make emotional purchases. Buy in 2 weeks that «kind of» want now.

Creativity and spontaneity

Creativity and spontaneity Creativity and spontaneity

  1. Write down a description of the perfect day.
  2. Read the book «How people think».
  3. Make 10 origami from memory.
  4. Draw 5 simple illustrations for the article.
  5. Paint pictures: pastels, acrylics and oils.
  6. Take 1-3 lessons on drums.
  7. Scream for a couple of minutes in the woods at full power.
  8. Have Breakfast in a restaurant with something exotic.
  9. The journey for the weekend: to buy tickets the day before departure.
  10. Play a simple tune on a flute.
  11. Paint a Cup and drink your favorite tea from it.
  12. Wear an unusual thing/glasses/hat.

Spirituality and awareness

Spirituality and awareness Spirituality and awareness

  1. Make a personal mantra, repeat it for a month.
  2. Practice a month of meditation.
  3. Read The New Testament.
  4. Study the Bhagavad-Gita / on Buddhism.
  5. Read the work of a convinced atheist.
  6. A month to practice gratitude.
  7. Help someone on a charitable basis.
  8. Practice a week of phase state.
  9. Watch Mikhail Labkovsky's series of broadcasts.
  10. Overcome your two fears/defeat your two fears
  11. Practice conscious breathing.
  12. To view the lecture on the evolution of man.
  13. A month to answer during the day: «Who am I and what is my role? Where am I? What do I feel? What is my goal?»

Developing the skill to live with goals

Developing the skill to live with goals Developing the skill to live with goals

If you have little experience in setting goals, it is easier to start by selecting suitable goals from a ready-made list. Therefore, a list of 100 more or less common goals is provided.

Each goal can be modified to suit yourself, or by analogy, put something of your own.

«Fly an airplane» is easy to change to «fly a helicopter/paraglider/fighter/balloon».

It is important not only to select and record goals – but also to monitor their achievement. It is not enough to write goals on a leaf for the New year. Each week, you need to write out what you will work on this week, what goals will be promoted.

Develop the quality of purpose – make your list of 100 goals.


list of 100 goals:

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